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Astropop cheats,Astropop codes,Astropop game cheats,Astropop hints
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Game Description
Fire your rockets and blast off to fast-paced, arcade-puzzle action! Astropop blends fast twitch challenge with an offbeat, fun storyline. Choose from four space pilots, each with unique abilities and weaponry. Then grab, group, and blast bricks to create combos and clear a path to the stars. As you progress, a mysterious link between the pilots unfolds against a backdrop of spectacular graphics, captivating sound effects, and myriads of scoring opportunities. Astropopís two different gameplay modes, coupled with 33 challenging bonus rounds, offers hours of extraordinary replay value for players of all ages and skill levels.

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Astropop cheats

Astropop cheats,Astropop codes,Astropop game cheats,Astropop hints

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